Ceysu Natural Spring Water has entered the bottled water industry by making its first production in 2002. Ceysu’s water source comes from Saklikent’s Tekirpinar Spring, approximately 2000 meters above sea level, situated in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey. The actual origin and quality of the Tekirpinari Spring is one of Turkey’s most healthy water. It has pioneered by developing and following high stadards in healthy and hygienic production and is using high-tech in all work processes. From source to finished product all physical chemical and microbiological tests are taken and finished products and traceability of finished products are provided.

The Turkish Ministry of Health has set standards and regulations, specified in accordance with European standards, for Ceysu’s water source and for providing a hygienic environment. A food grade polyethylene water pipeline is used from the natural spring water source to the Ceysu facility. This pipeline is 24 km long. After travelling this length, Ceysu natural spring water arrives to a 400 ton tank in the facility. Within the facility stainless steel tanks and polyethylene pipes are used in order to prevent breaks and leaks. In this manner, the water has no contact with air, exposure to contamination and pollution. Machine operators abide to strict equipment handling practices and ensure that the water is not contaminated from when it is bottled, to when it reaches the consumer. All necessary precautions are taken against external influences from the source, through the pipes, machinery and personnel. Ceysu Natural Spring Water is also one of the biggest groups in bottled water industry.

Capacity of the Water Bottle Lines

Ceysu fills its water into PET and Glass bottles. There are 7 sizes for the PET bottles and 2 sizes for the Glass bottles. The various bottle sizes are filled efficiently and effectively.


Bottle TypeBottle SizeBottle/Hour
PET Line0,2 lt40.000
PET Line0,33 lt40.000
PET Line0,5 lt40.000
PET Line1 lt15.600
PET Line1,5 lt20.000
PET Line5 lt5.500
PET Line5 gallon2.000
Glass Line0,33 lt7.000
Glass Line0,75 lt7.000
Cup Line0,2 lt20.000

Ceysu Natural Spring Water is one of the top 5 largest production plants in Turkey with the production capacity of 100,000 bottles / hour.  Its journey has started with plastic and carboy production and has continued with production of plastic cup in 2011, disposible glass bottles in 2013 and 330 ml plastic special design for children.

Ceysu Natural Spring Water is the one of the first brands in Turkey that awarded International Test And Quality Institiute (ITQI)  Award and it has won this prize 4 times total by its high pH degree, balanced and rich mineral level and suitability for low-sodium diet. ITQI Award is regarded as the most prestigious award in the beverage and food industry.

Ceysu Natural Spring Water, in addition to developing logistic network in Turkey day by day, is a brand that exporting to 24 countries in 6 continents continually.